Auction Rules

  1. You must register with a picture ID and obtain a bidder number to participate in the auction.
  2. A 15% Buyer’s Premium applies to all purchases with credit cards. We will give a 5% discount to purchases paid by cash or approved checks (Buyer’s Premium will be reduced to 10%).
  3. All items sold AS IS with no warranty unless otherwise specified and announced
  4. Sales tax will be charged on all non-titled vehicles and all other items.
  5. Your bidder number is your responsibility and anything purchased with your number must be paid for on sale day. Do not share your bidder number with anybody.
  6. Anyone caught trying to negotiate deals on our premises to avoid paying our sales fees will be permanently barred from attending any auctions at any location.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse to do any business with any individual, business, corporation, or LLC as we deem necessary.
  8. You must be legally qualified to purchase firearms and pass a background check.
  9. We no longer accept used tires, used appliances, used air conditioners, used furniture, used wheels, or used electronics, unless the government, court, or bank-owned.
  10. Auction security has the right to remove anyone from our premises that they deem necessary.
  11. Payment must be made on the day of the auction on all purchases. No exceptions.
  12. The seller must disclose all known defects of vehicles, equipment, or other items that are to be sold.
  13. The storage fee is charged on items left over on our premises for longer than 15 days after the auction date. After 45 days items will be re-sold. Storage fee for small items is $10 per day; storage fee for equipment and vehicles is $35 per day.
  14. All titled and non-titled vehicle sale fee is $100.00
  15. All titled and non-titled vehicles $1000.00 or less must be absolute-for high bid.
  16. All titles must be completed and turned in with the vehicle or it will not be accepted for auction.
  17. Sellers need to be present when the vehicle sells or the vehicle will be passed and not sold. All small items selling for less than $250.00 must be sold absolute-for high bid-except firearms.
  18. All road-worthy trailers must have ID plates with readable serial numbers or it will not be accepted.
  19. All trailers 2000 lbs. and over must have a title or they will not be accepted.
  20. We will no longer sell used tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and used trailer tires & wheels, used furniture, electronics, store fixtures, office furniture, damaged merchandise, or used air conditioners unless it is an estate, court, city-county law enforcement owned.
  21. Doc Fees For Vehicles is $60.00
  22. Doc Fees for Trailers is $20.00